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As a human resources professional, you already know that the employee benefits industry is suffering from inefficient, paper-based processes. We spend an inordinate amount of time correcting human errors and shuffling paper.

Enter whereiwork, a web-based application that puts companies' employee benefits online.

But we have 17 different enrollment forms!
Whereiwork sends information electronically to insurers and administrators, eliminating the need for multiple paper enrollment forms.

How easy is it, really?
HR professionals and employees alike will log on using a standard browser. Because whereiwork is an application service provider, there's no special software, staff, or equipment for you to maintain. Everyone works online from a single, powerful database via the intuitive whereiwork interface.

What about security?
With a state of the art server facility, full hardware and network redundancy and all Internet data transmissions securely encrypted, you can be sure your sensitive data is safe.

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Admin Advantages
Manage and track eligibility
Automatically send enrollment data to insurance companies
Employees enroll electronically for benefits
Built-in error checking for accurate data
Deliver paperless SPDs
Publish HR policies, manuals, and forms
Post bulletins and newsletters
Support for multiple locations and decentralized HR staff
Employee Advantages
Online open enrollment
Review and compare employee benefits options
New-hire benefits enrollment and HR procedure
Life event changes
Download HR forms and documents
Read HR bulletins and policies
Calculate retirement savings
Round-the-clock access from anywhere